Acupuncture is a millenarian therapy used in the East and that, since the last century, is booming in the West. Traditional Chinese Medicine says that the human body is composed of energy channels. Acupuncture consists in the insertion of very thin disposable needles at different depths, in specific points of the body in order to restore health.

What is it?

- Headaches / dizziness / dizziness / ears / sight

- Torticollis / cervicalgias / tendonitis

- Joint pain: osteoarthritis / osteoporosis

- Tendinitis shoulders / sciatica / lumbalgias / sacralgia

- Support in chemo and radio treatments

- Support in ALS / multiple sclerosis ...

- Support stop smoking / lose weight

- Menstruation / menopause disorders

- Insomnia and other sleep disturbances

- Digestive problems / bladder: cystitis

- Irritable bowel / constipation / diarrhea

- Metabolic diseases / blood ...

- Support in fertility treatments: male / female

- Anxiety / stress / worry / discouragement

- Fear / irritability / sadness / melancholy ...

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